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Our main goal

We believe our technology is able to present traditional businesses new opportunities to approach problems they didn't thought before. From frequently asked questions to complete on-boarding processes, our proprietary chatbot engine offers more customization, support and affordability that suits any type of company.

We are a for-profit company that maintains its values in order to offer better products and solutions, regardless the money.

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Meet the team

Carlos Ruiz del Vizo

Founder & CEO

Gabriel García

Founder & CEO

Valentina Lange

Graphic Designer

Carlos Ruiz del Vizo

PR & Marketing Consulting

Meet the team

Be a team player

We prioritize what’s best for the team and continually strive for personal improvement.

Continually Improve

We find ways to improve each and every day, no matter how small the improvement.

Advocate for members

We’re nothing without the trust and loyalty of our members. That’s why we put them first.

Communicate clearly

We encourage questions, discourage groupthink, and value clear, concise discussion.

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